Search Engine Positions

Top search engine positions have become incredibly competitive. The days when all one had to do to get good positions on a search engine was to submit your site to the major search engines and sit back while your site was listed are long gone. Today there are over 1.5 billion web sites available on-line, with 3 million added daily. It is possible to achieve good positions on the search engines, but it’s not likely to occur happenstance. It will take careful analysis, experimentation and patience. The harsh truth of internet success is that if your website does not have a position on the first few pages of search engine lists, for the right keywords, all your efforts will likely be in vain. The MOST important element of search engine optimization is to build into your site on many levels, the right words — keywords. Without this expertise you stand little chance of doing well in a crowded field. We are constantly surveying the industry to keep up with the latest strategies for site promotion.  Currently, we’re urging our clients to become comfortable with social media, which is the new big thing in internet marketing and search engine ranking. 

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