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Search Engine Positions

If your business exists in a local market, you may do well enough simply with a competent website and a Google Local Listing. We advise people to build their site, see how the search engines index it after a month or so, then make plans on what additional efforts need to be made to get the rate of business they require.
If you are competing in a national market, however, top search engine positions have become incredibly competitive. The days when all one had to do to get good positions on a search engine was to submit your site to the major search engines and sit back while your site was listed are long gone. Today there are over 1.5 billion websites available online, with 3 million added daily. It is possible to achieve good positions on the search engines, but it’s not likely to occur happenstance. Realistically, ad campaigns with resources like Google Ads will be a necessity. Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly possible to pay only for results. For example, if your business relies on phone calls, you only pay for actual calls from prospects, or if you have a store, you only pay for actual sales.
It will take careful analysis, experimentation, and patience. There will always be great importance in “search engine optimization,” building the site in such a way that it speaks meaningfully to the search engine algorithms. We do that on autopilot. Advertising, as explained above, is likely a necessity. Our goal is to steer you towards the most cost-effective way to do so. Beware the Internet marketing companies that will sell you on monthly contracts costing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. There are other approaches to try out first.