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Raleigh SEO Conference

 I spent an amazing day in Raleigh this week at an SEO Conference put together by the good people at the Raleigh SEO meetup group.  It was held in downtown Raleigh at the Natural Science Museum.  That in itself is a magical place.  I was instantly transported into dreams of spending a day there with my granddaughter.   I can’t wait.  

But the conference, with all the intense sessions, had me as stimulated as a five year old at a children’s museum.   SEO changes so rapidly that it can be daunting trying to keep up.  So, instead of stimulated, you end up over-stimulated and discouraged.  But there was none of that there.  I was juiced, all day long.  

It was just the right density, sessions were no more than forty in a room, with plenty of time for discussion.  The best tip of the day I got in the ladies room, from one of the organizers (obviously a lady).  She tipped me off on the password of the day — Schema.  I went home and started researching and it looks like phone.   Just a little, simple syntax to lace into your content that will give Google easy access to what you’re really about.  Were all of life so easy to negotiate.