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Precision Electric Site Completed

Just had the pleasure of building a site for Ben Carros of Precision Electric Greensboro, I appreciated Ben’s precision, as a client. He had materials very well organized for me and we were able to complete a fairly complex site with a number of design elements implemented under the usual average time for one of my sites. That included animations by way of the Greenshift block plugin.

I consider it to be the most complete of the Gutenberg block plugins I’ve found. The problem with the initial ones I’ve worked with is that they do not provide an interface to all the tags possible for styling an element, meaning, you still have to create a lengthy CSS stylesheet to get control of that styling. Greenshift contains virtually every option, including animation coding. I wish the documentation were a bit more thorough, and written. I generally don’t have patience (or attention span) for a long Youtube video in a foreign accent when I’m looking for specific information. I am hoping the plugin will persist. I’m banking on it, considering the number of sites I’ve rolled out using it.