Why We Love WordPress

Yes, WordPress is WAY more than just a blog. It has evolved light years beyond that into a sophisticated Content Management System.

Wordpress Image LibraryWhat’s that? A Content Management System is software that resides on your webhost online that allows you to have a state-of-the-art, database-driven site that takes care of all the technical bells and whistles. It gives you a back-end administration area where you can edit the content of your pages with no more skills than it takes to use a word processing program like Word. It will generate a menu automatically for you every time you add a page or generate forms that your users can fill out that are then emailed to you. And those are just a few of the plethora of potential capabilities.


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WordPress is Open Source, meaning it’s free — and priceless. We have heard commercial CMS promoters complain that support will be lacking in a non-commercial environment, yet the commercial CMS’s we’ve used have provided no better support. The strength in the WordPress environment is how incredibly dynamic its community is. Talented people abound who can support, develop and customize WordPress to any degree.

If we develop your site with WordPress and something happens to us, you will be able to readily find someone new to continue on with the site. And so long as WordPress is regularly upgraded, your site will remain viable. The likelihood is very low that this technology will become obsolete and unsupported in the forseeable future.

Instead, if the present trend continues, it will only grow, become more powerful and user-friendly, as a seemingly enless list of “plugins” — modules that allow you to increase the functionality of your site — continue to be developed. A plug-in might be a shopping cart, a forum, a slideshow generator, a real estate interface, or a simple little routine that encryts any emails published onto your site so that spam harvesters can’t steal them.

WordPress can look like ANYTHING. Any site rendered in HTML can be turned into a WordPress site.  

For the same amount of time/money spent developing an old fashioned static HTML site it is possible to have a site more powerful by many orders of magnitude.

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