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Eagle Eye Crane

Recently wrapped up a great project, redesigning Eagle Eye Crane. 

Rob Fleeger, a highly experienced jib operator, has been in the film and video production biz fora good while.  He’s got a unique expertise that has saved many a day’s production.  I used to be in that biz myself, so I appreciate what a competitive and high-stress field it is.  Anybody who can hang in there and still be cranking them out deserves some serious kudos.  

I really enjoyed redesigning this site.  There were lots of great images and text to work with.  We did a child theme off of Twenty Seventeen.  It’s hard not to use its lightweight parallax effect that’s so easy to work with in this theme, and  I think it worked out to good effect.  The eagle that’s perching on the jib on the first screen kind of landed there on his own.  A right brain kind of thing and I think it makes for that “picture worth a thousand words” that needs to be the first thing to hit everybody right between the eyes when they first hit the site.

I’ve been doing Photoshop for so long as part of my design work that I forget to think of it as artwork.  But in the last year I went to do some real ‘painting’ and realized there’s really no difference between the two.  Just different tools.  It’s artwork and I was not a bit rusty, even though it had been years since I’d picked up a brush. That’s how I make my living, writing and doing art, with some virtual mechanics along the way.  Love it.