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  • Precision Electric Site Completed

    Just had the pleasure of building a site for Ben Carros of Precision Electric Greensboro, I appreciated Ben’s precision, as a client. He had materials very well organized for me and we were able to complete a fairly complex site with a number of design elements implemented under the usual average time for one…

  • Why Content is King

    Real substance makes all the difference! We all need back-links to our sites and the best way to get them is to entice other site owners to link to us — human beings who admire our thoughts and want to share them.  The search engines are also pretty darn good at telling when it’s genuine…

  • Eagle Eye Crane

    Recently wrapped up a great project, redesigning Eagle Eye Crane.  Rob Fleeger, a highly experienced jib operator, has been in the film and video production biz fora good while.  He’s got a unique expertise that has saved many a day’s production.  I used to be in that biz myself, so I appreciate what a competitive…

  • Raleigh SEO Conference

     I spent an amazing day in Raleigh this week at an SEO Conference put together by the good people at the Raleigh SEO meetup group.  It was held in downtown Raleigh at the Natural Science Museum.  That in itself is a magical place.  I was instantly transported into dreams of spending a day there with my…

  • Joining Thumbtack

    I’ve signed up with Thumbtack, a freelancing service, and am enjoying it, waiting to land my first client via them. I shall keep everyone posted.  Web design

  • A Bit Sketch

    A Bit Sketch

    Just started my day off with a good laugh, courtesy of Rick Parise, famed cartoonist (and WordPress client). I love this one:  

  • Tutorial Series: How to Edit a WordPress Stylesheet

    As part of my effort to be a useful consultant to my clients who want to manage their sites as much as possible, I will be publishing articles here on how to go about that process. First, I’m offering this tutorial on how to use Firebug, an amazing editing tool from Firefox, to manage the…

  • Tutorial Series: CSS ID’s and Classes

    There are two kinds of tags used in CSS to control the look of your page. One is the ID, the other is the Class. ID’s should only be used once on a page and they have status over Classes, which can be re-used any number of times. ID’s get really useful when you want…

  • SS Administrative Consultant Site Redesign

    Shannon Smith, a very capable administrative consultant, has just published a new site we redesigned for her. She can “proofread article submissions, publish a monthly newsletter, manage your contacts, or plan your complicated trip to Asia.” 

  • Testimonials

    I just finished up a little project with Anita Carroll’s site,, of adding a testimonial section to the site. It is amazing what a difference they can make in giving a business credibility, and making it plain what the business or service or practice is doing for people. So . . . as part…

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